Meet My Family

Meet My Family

Moving halfway across the country has been the best thing ever. And though I miss my family like crazy, I’ve begun to create a different definition of the word. Granted, having [T], [A] and the boys down the road means I do have some true family near-by, which is a major blessing, however, within our house there is a cozy new dynamic of family developing.

First, [S], my roommate, who I mentioned in my last post… also made the move from Iowa.  She is a nurse on the quest for her first amazing job helping people (she’s a way better person than me/she can do needles, blood, and all of that other gross stuff…and she likes kids.)Image<– isn’t she beautiful??
We met through work at BWW while in Iowa and quickly entertained the idea of moving-though I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, I’m so glad we are together again!  She is the :happy: :light: :optimist: to my :cold: :dark: :realist: outlook—a ying & yang if you will.
There is never a dull moment and we work perfectly as roommates. I am more of a solitary person so I was a little worried about living with a girl again, but it has truly been the best thing for me (and her, at least I like to think so…) We’ve already had some crazy adventures and I’m beyond excited to see what the future has in store for us.  Exploring our new city together, meeting new people-men– and growing as women are our main goals over the next few months-year(s).
[S] and I have also done a lot to the house we rent, with plans for much, much more—painting, furniture, decorations and all that fun stuff. (Updates to come) Making this house a home is definitely a major step in our new life. I’m not very crafty, as much as I wish I was, but thanks to Pintrest we have a list of DIY projects and we are enlisting all the help we can get. I’ve seen postings of friends doing “Pintrests nights” and we are thinking of adopting the idea with a few girls from work…. Only we will include wine, lots and lots of wine.

*Wine Photo found on Google images*

The second and newest addition to our family is [Roxanne]. Image

She is the product of “Operation Save Vince” as my little brother [Collin] likes to call it. While he was in town for Thanksgiving he and his girlfriend [Sam] went to the pet shelter (Petfinders) on [JI] and adopted her for me for Christmas. You see, Moe, my puppy, is currently still residing in Iowa with my parents and [Collin]’s dog Vince. Vince, or grandpa, as he is so lovingly called, is getting up there in age (hence the oh-so-obvious nickname). When [C] heard that I was planning on bringing Moe back to Charleston with me at Christmas he began to worry about Vince’s well being. He was afraid it would break his heart and he would die of loneliness if I took his best bud away. Moe too would have been devastated for a while I’m sure, but he is a young vibrate puppy and would have recovered after a few weeks. With all of this in mind, he and [Sam] found a temporary solution…[Roxanne], a companion for me, and a hold on bringing Moe to Charleston. We all agree at it is best for Vince to go on his own and then Moe can move to the south-until then it’s better to keep the duo together. Though I miss Moe dearly, [Roxanne] is fantastic. I was never a cat person (and don’t intend on getting anymore) but she is the best kitten. She is surprisingly dependent on me and even waits by the door when she hears me come home, like a dog. However, the waking up at 5am is something I could definitely live without, I wouldn’t give up a single moment with her.  So, thank you [C] and [Sam] for completing our family… :)Image<–precious

So, from our family to yours, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. May your life be as full as joy as ours.



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