Recovery Discovery #2: Being a Pen-Pal

Remember when you were in Elementary and you’re teacher assigned you a friend to be a pen-pal with across the country, or possibly the world?? And, remember how much fun you had and how excited you were every time you got a letter back? Well, I decided to rekindle my love for being a pen-pal. I wrote letters, not e-mails, letters, to friends and family and it was so fantastic! I even got excited every day when the mail came, hoping I would get a letter back (the days I did were the BEST!)

This is such a cheap and rewarding way to pass any extra time you may have—everybody loves low-budget entertainment!

Get in touch with a long-lost friend, send a love letter to that special someone or write someone you may see all the time a little note. I promise you, it will make your day and theirs!

You don’t need fancy stationary (though they are fun), and stamps will probably be the cheapest item you buy the next time you’re at the grocery store.
Dig out you dusty address book, that has been put away due to the take-over of technology, put pen to paper and fall back in love with letters.

Here’s a great place to get some ideas if you do want that cute stationary

Also, if you wanna be pen-pals e-mail me your address and check your mailbox soon

Happy Writing!


~ by CAS on August 31, 2011.

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